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Songs from Solitude (1999)

On the Night Tide (2001)
Delayed by Rough Seas (2003)

Watching for the Wind (2006)

Echoes from a Far Shore (2009)

The Music of the Ocean (2013)

The Seventh Wave (2016)

A new collection of poems -

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A seventh collection of poetry reflecting the monastic life of prayer in an island setting. Seascapes, the island flora and fauna, the flight of birds, liturgy and memoir all provide material for the poet’s pen.

Strangers on the Shore

Among the usual

tidal gathering,

a few curlews,

a lapwing or two,

strangers on the shore

just passing through

on their way elsewhere.

Long-haul travellers

in the risky business

of migration; frequent flyers,

fussy breeders, picky eaters,

wandering the world

or, like the swallow,

in search of endless summer.

Like us they have here

no lasting homeland,

finding only passing joy

instead of what is lasting.

Ó David Hodges ocso, Caldey Abbey.

from ‘The Seventh Wave’ 2016

The Seventh Wave

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Welsh Gypsy Cobs

Sally, Beti, Mix Up,

Smokey, Pepper, Peanut.

Coats of dun and smoky black,

black and chestnut;

white blaze, white hooves,

one with plaited fringe,

one all black, one with hooves

all oddly different colours.

By the bothy, shy and hiding,

now moving gently closer;

friendly, trusting,

backs glistening, gleaming,

steaming in the sunlight;

alert, tails flicking,

pricked ears, heads jerking,

then off galloping again.

Wind on their backs,

continuously in motion,

in the lighthouse field by the ocean,

all together, almost in formation.

Gypsy training in their breeding;

turning, sinuously weaving,

bold, fast and free,

like white horses on the sea.

Ó David Hodges ocso, Caldey Abbey.

from ‘The Seventh Wave’ 2016

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